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Wondering if there's something you absolutely want to exclude from your AI-generated artwork? Maybe you're not keen on seeing an out-of-place element, like a peculiar hat in an AI rendition of Human as imagined by Designers? That's where GenerativeFill.com's "Negative Word" feature comes in handy. Simply input any elements you wish to avoid, such as "hat" or "crocs," into this section. 😆

Moreover, you have the power to influence the colors and lighting in your AI artwork. By adding specific words to the negative words section, you can steer clear of certain hues or brightness levels, tailoring your artwork precisely to your taste.

You can use Generativefill.com to turn text into AI artwork for free!

Open Generativefill.com AI Art Generator
Type your idea (A vintage camper van travels a winding road in a green alpine valley, with dramatic mountain peaks and a clear sky in the background.)
Press “Generate” to generate your AI art!
Modify your AI-generated text prompt for image creation. With a multitude of artistic styles and photorealistic options available, the possibilities for alteration are limitless. Once complete, save or download your AI-crafted artistic work to share with everyone!

Creating AI-generated art for free is as simple as entering your desired prompt and letting the Generative Fill (AI) take over.

Looking for tips on crafting effective AI art generator prompts? Check out our dedicated blog for guidance!

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